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How Long Are Performance Series Tests?

Each test typically takes from 45 minutes to one hour to complete. In conjunction with other classroom, district, and state tests, these assessments are used in evaluating a child's achievement. Multiple assessments should be used to determine a child's overall strengths and weaknesses, not a sole measure.

How long are Scantron tests?

Scantron assessments will take approximately 40-60 minutes for each subject. Once the assessments are completed, K-Mail your Academic Coach and they will provide you with the results and an explanation/interpretation of these results.


How many questions is the Performance Series test?

The test is online and computer-adaptive, so each child receives a unique test and the number of items may vary. There is no set number of questions. The average number of questions in a testing session is about 50.

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What is Performance Series assessment?

Performance Series is a standardized assessment that is administered in schools across the country. It is computer-adaptive; in other words, the computer adjusts the questions students see based on their performance on the previous questions.

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What is the average score for Performance Series test?

Performance Series scaled scores typically have an SEM close to 60, which corresponds to a reliability estimate of approximately . 90 for adaptive assessments.

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