How Do You Write A Check On Versacheck?

Select the Print Checks/Drafts/Deposit Slips option from the File menu. The Print Checks dialog box will open. Click the "Checks: On blank check paper to fill out later" or "Deposit Slips: Blank" option and then click the Next button. The Print Blank Check wizard will open.

How Do I Print a Check? -

How do you use VersaCheck gold?


VersaCheck X1 GOLD! Create & Print Business & Personal Checks

What is bank code line?

This information is known as the check's magnetic ink character recognition line, or MICR line, and contains information such as the routing number of the bank on which the check is drawn, the account number on which the check is drawn, and the check serial number.


What is VersaCheck Presto?

Create and print complete checks from VersaCheck Presto or directly from your QuickBooks, Quicken and Sage Accounting programs using inexpensive blank check paper. ... One time installation and setup of the VersaCheck Presto software is quick, easy, and works with any printer.

VersaCheck Presto - Free download and software reviews

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