How Do You Sideload Apps On Ios 14?

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Is it possible to sideload on iOS?

‌iPhone‌ does not allow users to sideload apps, requiring that any self-contained app installed on the device is distributed through the ‌App Store‌. A dedicated team at Apple vets all apps on the ‌App Store‌ before they're published.

Apple's Arguments Against Sideloading on iOS - MacRumors

Is sideloading illegal iOS?

Unfortunately, Apple is tamping down on the ability of developers to run whatever iOS apps they want, as the Cupertino company has officially disabled sideloading of iOS apps, reports 9to5Mac. ... Apple had made it simple for developers to allow their iOS apps to run on macOS.

Sorry, Mac M1 users. Apple just banned sideloading iOS apps

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