How Do You Read Scantron Results?

A score of "0" to plus or minus "1" reveals the appropriateness of an individual exam question, where "+1" indicates a question that was repeatedly answered correctly by high performers and answered incorrectly by lower performers.May 10, 2019

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How accurate are Scantron machines?

The Scantron 888P+ model can grade as many as 40 tests per minute with a 99.9% accuracy rate. Scantron forms contain an infrared light-reflecting ink. When a form passes under an internal read head, the machine notes where the light has been absorbed by pencil lead.

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What does roster number mean on a Scantron?

Number Correct/ Percent Correct/Roster Number (at bottom): This area indicates the number of correct answers of the total, the percentage that it represents, and where the location of the test sheet is within the pile.

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What is a good performance series score?

Performance Series scaled scores typically have an SEM close to 60, which corresponds to a reliability estimate of approximately . 90 for adaptive assessments.

Performance Series Performance Series Scores

What is the Scantron assessment?

Scantron Assessment Solutions includes specialized K-12 interim and summative testing programs delivered online or on paper, higher education testing and evaluation software, corporate testing and evaluation, certification & licensure, analytics, surveys, and assessment development & psychometric services.

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