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How Do I Move Out Of NYCHA?

2) ENDING A TENANCY: The sole Tenant or both Co-Tenants may end the tenancy and leave the apartment, by signing a Notice of Intent to Vacate, giving NYCHA 30 days notice.

Can I move my NYCHA lease to another state?

NYCHA Housing Choice Voucher Holders who wish to transfer or “port” their Section 8 vouchers to a location outside of New York City can submit their port out transfer request via the NYCHA Self-Service Portal or call the NYCHA Customer Contact Center (CCC) at 718-707-7771.

Portability - NYCHA - NYC.gov

Can I switch from NYCHA to Section 8?

In order to be considered eligible to receive a Section 8 transfer voucher you must be a tenant in good standing with both NYCHA and your current landlord (ex. you cannot be facing termination of your tenancy for failure to recertify or allow inspection, and you must be current in paying your portion of rent).

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Can you inherit a NYCHA apartment?

If the head of household moves out or dies, a remaining family member can take over the apartment. If NYCHA denies your request to take over the lease you will have to file a Grievance.

I want to keep my family's NYCHA apartment.

How long do NYCHA transfers take?

In addition to navigating the portability process in the NYCHA Section 8 office, the Section 8 tenant will also need to make contact and determine the portability rules and process in the area to which she/he hopes to move. The portability process usually takes approximately two months.

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