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How Do I Get Money Off My Walmart Card?

Use your personalized card at a bank teller to withdraw cash. Limits and fees apply. You can withdraw cash from your card at any Walmart register or MoneyCenter. This service is free for the Walmart MoneyCard product with Cash-Back Rewards.

Can I withdraw money from my Walmart card at an ATM?

When you use a Walmart ATM, you may be charged a small fee, usually between $1-$4. Withdrawals at ATMs in the Walmart MoneyCard network are surcharge-free. You are charged $2.00 when you use an out-of-network ATM.

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Can I withdraw money from my Walmart card?

The Walmart money card is a prepaid debit card that you can use for different kinds of online purchases or in-store shopping anywhere that accepts Visa or MasterCard in the United States. With your Walmart money card, you can also access or withdraw your funds from your Walmart money account.

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Where can I withdraw money from my Walmart MoneyCard for free?

There are 4 ways to access cash:. Option 1: At any Walmart or Sam's Club. Withdraw cash for free* at any checkout register. ... Option 2: Cash back on purchases. When making a purchase at any participating merchant it's free* to get “cash back” at the same. ... Option 3: Money Network® Check. ... Option 4: ATM.

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