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How Difficult Is The DLPT?

The DLPT requires a lot of vocab “bottom up” to pass the lower levels; but for the higher levels, it requires “top down” recognition of contexts and “patterns of speech”. Students and linguists who have to translate every word do not do as well on the test as those who understand contextually.

Is the DLPT multiple choice?

A. The DLPT5 includes separate tests for reading and listening comprehension. ... In the "big" languages (for example, Russian, Chinese and Arabic) the test format will be multiple-choice. The test taker will read or listen to foreign language passages, read questions in English, and provide short answers in English.

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Is the Spanish proficiency test hard?

If you are starting from zero, or with a very limited knowledge of Spanish, most experienced students will tell you that it is one of the most difficult CLEP exams you can prepare for.

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What happens if you fail the DLPT?

Failing to maintain the required levels of proficiency may result in a reduction of foreign language proficiency pay at best, and failure to qualify for continued work in the linguist career field in a worst-case scenario.

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What is a passing DLPT score?

DLI students, regardless of their course grades, may not graduate without achieving an L2/R2 on the DLPT. They must also pass a series of tests called FLO (Final Learning Objective) Tests, as well as achieve a minimum of 1+ on the OPI.

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