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How Accurate Are Scantron Machines?

The Scantron 888P+ model can grade as many as 40 tests per minute with a 99.9% accuracy rate. Scantron forms contain an infrared light-reflecting ink. When a form passes under an internal read head, the machine notes where the light has been absorbed by pencil lead.

Do scantron machines detect cheating?

If cheating is witnesses, corroborating evidence can be obtained from the scantron data. If a student copies the answers from someone sitting nearby, the two answer vectors may appear suspiciously similar.

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Do scantron machines make mistakes?

Skipping questions while using a scantron can and will break you. ... Though some scantron issues are human error, the machine itself isn't exactly state of the art. The actual scantron machine has a tendency to mark correct answers as wrong.

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How do you trick a scantron machine?



How reliable are Scantrons?

Scantron exams are feasible, reliable, and convenient. In large classrooms, they alleviate grading time and provide overzealous students with their final grade shortly after testing. However, it is important to acknowledge that standardized exams impact subgroups of students differently.

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