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How Accurate Are At Home COVID-19 Tests?

COVID-19Common questionHow accurate are at home COVID-19 tests?Home tests will miss some infections and in rare cases mistakenly indicate an infection. One popular test misses around 15 out of 100 infections — these are called “false negatives” — and gives a false positive result in about 1 in 100 people who aren't infected.

Are there any at-home tests for COVID-19?

Yes. There are now COVID-19 tests available for purchase online or in a store that can be used completely at home. At-home tests allow you to collect your own sample and test it with a system that gives you results in minutes at home.

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions | FDA

How accurate is Ellume's rapid COVID-19 test?

Ellume's rapid COVID-19 test can send results to your smartphone in 15 minutes. The app then reports the results to public health experts. In a U.S. clinical study, the Ellume test showed 96% accuracy for symptomatic individuals. For people without symptoms, the test correctly identified 91% of positive cases.

How accurate are at-home rapid tests for COVID-19?

What are consequences of a false negative COVID-19 test?

Risks to a patient of a false negative test result include: delayed or lack of supportive treatment, lack of monitoring of infected individuals and their household or other close contacts for symptoms resulting in increased risk of spread of COVID-19 within the community, or other unintended adverse events.

CDC 2019 Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel - Healthcare Provider Fact Sheet

What to do if you test positive for COVID-19 on a home test?

If your COVID-19 test is positive, tell a healthcare provider about your positive result and stay in contact with them during your illness. To avoid spreading the virus to others, follow CDC's guidance for isolation.