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What are the 18 types of French fries?

Here are all 18 at a quick glance:. Waffle fries.Belgian fries.Tater tots.Standard cut.Garlic fries.Curly fries.Shoestring/matchstick.Crinkle-cut.

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What country invented French fries?

Common lore claims that the original fry was born in Namur in francophone Belgium, where the locals were particularly fond of fried fish. When the River Meuse froze over one cold winter in 1680, people ostensibly fried potatoes instead of the small fish they were accustomed to, and the fry was born.

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Why French fries are called French?

In winter, when the river froze, the fish-deprived villagers fried potatoes instead. It's said that this dish was discovered by American soldiers in Belgium during World War I and, since the dominant language of southern Belgium is French, they dubbed the tasty potatoes “French” fries.

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Why French fries are unhealthy?

French fries have a lot of fat and salt that could raise the risk of cardiovascular disease. During the years of this study, trans fat (a particularly unhealthy type of fat) had not yet been banned from the US market.

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