Emd Gp40-2

How much does an sd40 2 weigh?

368,000 lbEMD SD40-2

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What engine is in a GP40?

The GP40 is a 4-axle diesel-electric locomotive built by General Motors' Electro-Motive Division between November 1965 and December 1971. It has an EMD 645E3 16-cylinder engine generating 3,000 hp (2,240 kW).

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What is the difference between a GP40 and an GP40-2?

The differences between a GP40-2 and a GP40 are minimal, but the most easy to spot difference is the small water sight glass on the right hand side of the GP40-2, and several GP40-2's were delivered with Blomberg M trucks with single clasp brakes. 861 units were built, with many still in service today.

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When was the GP40-2 made?

EMD GP40-2

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