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Does Wayfair Sell In Europe?

We are a global company: Customers across the US, Canada, UK and Germany can select from our assortment of more than 18 Million products. Our 12,000 supplier partners come from all over the world, more than 3,000 of them are located in various European countries.

Does Wayfair operate in Europe?

Headquartered in Boston and with offices in Berlin, London, and Galway, Wayfair operates in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Canada.

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Does Wayfair UK ship to Europe?

Want to ship somewhere else in the world? At this time we can only offer international shipping through our international sites. For shipments outside the US please shop Wayfair.ca, Wayfair.uk, and Wayfair.de.

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Is Wayfair in Portugal?

Order from any website, we will take care of the delivery of your parcel. You live in Portugal, in the north in Porto, in the center in Lisbon, in the south in the Algarve or in one of the two autonomous provinces of the Azores or Madeira.

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What countries does Wayfair operate in?

It has offices and warehouses throughout the United States and in Canada, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Wayfair Inc. The Wayfair headquarters in the Back Bay section of Boston, Massachusetts in 2018. Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

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