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Does Walmart Have A Store Card?

The Walmart Store Card, which requires just fair credit for approval and has no annual fee, rewards cardholders generously for every purchase they make. Cardholders earn points worth at least 2% back on all purchases, and some purchase categories yield 5% back.

Does Walmart have a in-store credit card?

Using Your Walmart Credit Card The in-store Walmart credit card earns rewards, so every qualifying purchase made on the card earns Walmart cashback that you will receive in the form of a statement credit. Even better, the Walmart credit card does not charge an annual fee, so it costs you nothing to have the card.

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Does Walmart have a member card?

As a Walmart+ member, you'll enjoy benefits including free delivery from your store, member prices on fuel at select stations, and use of mobile scan & go, which enables you to scan items as you shop in-store, streamlining your checkout process. We're working on adding even more great perks, too!

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What are requirements of a Walmart store card?

Both cards accept applicants with fair credit, so a score of 640 or higher. Requirements also include being a U.S. resident and at least 18 years of age to get either card. You'll also want to have a steady income, although Walmart doesn't release specific income requirements.

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What is the difference between a Walmart credit card and a store card?

The main difference between a Walmart Store Card and a Walmart Mastercard is where you can use it. The Walmart Store Card can only be used at Walmart and its partners. The Mastercard can be used basically anywhere. As a result, the Mastercard also offers rewards for purchases made at other stores.

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