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Does Bank Of America Give Free Checks?

Tenants often have to pay rent with checks, for example, and then there are just some folks who still prefer writing checks over paying bills electronically. ... Some banks, including Bank of America, offer standard checks free of charge to certain account holders.

Can you get a free check from Bank of America?

Ask the banking center or call customer service, 1800–432–1000. Basically, you need to be an advantage customer and they can explain how to become an “Advantage “ customer. This will entitle you to free checks.

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Do banks give free checks?

The cost can be up to nearly 30 cents per check, depending on the bank and complexity of the order. However, many banks offer customers free checks. ... Other banks, such as Bank of America, often provide free checks to their premium checking customers.

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Does Boa charge for checks?

Bank of America offers cashier's checks to all customers with a checking or savings account for a $15 fee. ... If you do have to pay the fee, Bank of America's cashier's check fee is in the middle for the industry — Wells Fargo and Citibank charge $10 and also offer cashier's checks for free on certain accounts.

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How much do Bank of America checks cost?

Ordering checks for a personal account costs on average $30. If a customer requires a cashier's check, usually needed for real estate purchases or brokerage transactions, these carry a fee of $10 per check.

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