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Does Air Force Give Signing Bonuses?

More than 179 bonuses have been paid to new recruits who entered active duty within a few days of signing their contract. Any member who enters active duty with one of the quick-ship career fields may be eligible to receive an $8,000 bonus.

Does the military give you a signing bonus?

Active Army Enlistment Bonus: Qualified active duty recruits may be eligible for a combination of bonuses totaling up to $50,000. The maximum bonus for a three, four, five, or six-year contract is based on periodic updates and is subject to change. Recruiters will have the most up to date bonus information.

Active Duty Bonuses For Service Members - My Army Benefits

How much money do you get for signing with the Air Force?

For example, an enlistee entering the Air Force as an E-1 is called an Airman Basic (AB), while an E-1 in the Army is called a Private (PV1). Both earn basic monthly pay of ​$1,785.00​. E-3 Air Force salary starts at ​$2,103.90​ for less than two years of service and tops out at ​$2,371.80​ for over 3 years of service.

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What Air Force jobs are offering bonuses?

AIR FORCE ACTIVE DUTY ENLISTMENT BONUSES Refuel/Bomber Aircraft Maintenance (2A534): Six-year bonus of $6,000, Four-year bonus of $3,000. Aerospace Ground Equipment (2A632): Six-year bonus of $6,000, Four-year bonus of $3,000. Munitions Systems (2W031): Six-year bonus of $6,000, Four-year bonus of $3,000.

Enlistment Bonuses - U.S. Air Force

Which military branch has a signing bonus?

Army Enlistment Bonus The Army offers a plethora of enlistment bonuses, not only for choosing certain jobs but also for bringing qualities to the table such as being bilingual, holding a college degree, and holding a certification in select fields.

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