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Do Cashiers Checks Clear Immediately?

Cashier's and government checks, along with checks drawn on the same financial institution that holds your account, usually clear faster, in one business day.

Does a cashier's check clear faster?

Cashier's checks also settle much faster than personal checks. Often, the funds are available the next day. Personal checks can take several days or longer to clear.

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How long does it take to verify a cashier's check?

It can take up to two weeks for the check to clear the banking system and for your bank to receive payment from the issuing bank. Some counterfeit checks are done so well that they move between banks for several weeks before the forgery is discovered.

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Is money from cashier's check available immediately?

Since a financial institution's account backs a cashier's check, a cashier's check is one of the securest forms of payment. Cashier's checks are also useful in time-sensitive transactions. The funds are usually available immediately—in most cases, the next day.

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