Dlpt Levels

How are DLPT scores calculated?

Examinees' level scores are determined by the number of questions they got right at each level; in general, they need to get 75% of the questions right at a level in order to be awarded that level.

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How hard is the DLPT?

The DLPT requires a lot of vocab “bottom up” to pass the lower levels; but for the higher levels, it requires “top down” recognition of contexts and “patterns of speech”. Students and linguists who have to translate every word do not do as well on the test as those who understand contextually.

Higher Level Passages and Lower Level Skills:

What does 2+ mean on DLPT?

2+ Page 5. Listening: Able to understand the essentials of all speech in a standard dialect including technical discussions within a special field.

Language proficiency ratings for the lower-level tests range ...

Whats a good score on the DLPT?

For instance, a score of 85 is needed for Category I languages like French or Italian. A score of 100 is needed for Category IV languages such as Arabic or Chinese.

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