Is demotic related to Arabic?

Demotic is a twice simplified form of hieroglyphics. Arabic script is a descendant of Nabatean, itself a descendant of Aramaic script. By the time Arabic script was coming into being, demotic was a language relic understood by a few hundred Egyptians at most, while Nabatean was spoken in a very distant location.

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Is demotic still spoken?

With the wide spreading of Christianity in the late second century, especially in Upper Egypt where most people could only speak Demotic and not Greek, the evangelism was in the Demotic form of the Egyptian language. ... The Coptic language has been spoken only in church till now.

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What is demotic language?

Demotic language is the type of informal language used by ordinary people. ... Demotic is used to describe something or someone that is typical of ordinary people.

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What is the difference between hieratic and demotic?

Two of the newer forms were called hieratic and demotic. Hieratic was a simplified form of hieroglyphics used for administrative and business purposes, as well as for literary, scientific and religious texts. Demotic, a Greek word meaning "popular script", was in general use for the daily requirements of the society.

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