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Decorative Personal Checks

Are Designer Checks safe?

Designer Checks became certified only after a thorough background check by GlobalSign. This security technology makes it safe to enter and transmit your credit card and bank information over the Internet by providing the following protections: Server authentication — keeps out imposters.

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Can you design your own checks?

Design your own personal checks featuring your family, your friends and even your pets! With Paper People checks, you can choose from over 100 fun characters and thousands of possibilities. Just choose one of the styles below and design your own personal checks today.

Design Your Own Personal Checks

How do I personalize a check?

Inexpensive selection: For the lowest prices and the best variety of design choices, try an online check printing service. Along with an endless selection of graphics and colors, you can often personalize your checks with a favorite sports theme or hobby.

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Is it safe to order personal checks online?

It is safe to order checks online as long as you take a few steps to make sure you stay secure. It's also worth keeping in mind that even banks order checks, so ordering your checks online has exactly the same outcome, just without involving your bank.

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