Does Corralejo have additives?

TEQUILAS CORRALEJO are obtained through the Double Distillation of fermented agave musts. ... CORRALEJO does not add any kind of colorant, caramel or additive that would alter the colour or flavor of the tequilas. It is bottled as it comes out of distillation and barrels.

Tequila Corralejo Reposado - 38%vol 100cl South American spirits

Is Corralejo a good tequila?

Corralejo is an old Tequila brand, among the oldest in Mexico. With an average retail price under $30 for all three expressions, it is very well priced. At a time of celebrity sponsored Tequilas some of the historic brands often get overlooked. That's a pity because Corralejo is pretty good Tequila.

Corralejo Tequila: Why You Should Rediscover This Historic Brand

Is Corralejo Mexican owned?

Tequila has grown into big companies. The strength for Corralejo is that it's still family-owned, Mexican production.

Mexico's Spirit of Independence Still Shines - Wine-Searcher

Is Corralejo silver good?

This light and crisp tequila comes with a fresh citrus zing flavor and some sweet, spearmint tasting notes. Corralejo Silver is highly smooth and sippable. Made entirely from carefully selected agaves, many purists and tequila aficionados claim that Blanco Tequila is the best of them all.

Corralejo Tequila Silver Price & Reviews | Drizly

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