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Consequences Of Social Problems In The Community

What are consequences of social problems?

Social problem very adversely affect our society. One of the major effects is that our harmony disturbed and in its stead in the society there is hostility and suspicion. These also result in large-scale social dissatisfaction and create suffering and misery.

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What are the consequence of the social problem on the community?

One consequence of the social problem on the individual is Poverty. Explanation: Social problems are those problems faced by the society as a whole due to various factors like unemployment, political instability, economic problems, social status, inequality, religion, caste, race, social disorganisation, and many more.

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What are the consequences of poor living conditions on the community?

Effects on Community Additionally, inadequate or unsanitary living conditions can contribute to the spread of disease, which adds to health care costs, prevents individuals from working and threatens the well-being of community members.

Consequences of Poor Living Conditions on the Community

What are three consequences of poverty in the community?

At the same time, levels of poverty and deprivation continue to make life a daily struggle for individuals, families and for neighbourhoods where too many people have lower life expectancy, a higher exposure to crime, high levels of unemployment and lower educational attainment, and where children are born into ...

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