How do I contact Cigna customer service?

For additional assistance, call Customer Service at 1 (800) Cigna24 (1 (800) 244-6224).

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Is Cigna a good brand?

We award Cigna 2.5 out of 5.0 stars. Cigna is one of the largest health insurers in the US, and is highly rated by AM Best and the BBB. The company offers a variety of health plans for employer groups, as well as plans for individuals and families.

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What does Cigna not cover?

The following services are excluded from coverage regardless of clinical indications; ▪ Macromastia or Gynecomastia Surgeries; ▪ Surgical treatment of varicose veins; ▪ ▪ Rhinoplasty; ▪ Blepharoplasty; ▪ Redundant skin surgery; ▪ Removal of skin tags; ▪ Acupressure; ▪ Craniosacral/cranial therapy; ▪ Dance therapy, ...

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Who owns Cigna?

In June 2015, U.S. health insurer Anthem Inc. announced that it would acquire Cigna for $47 billion in cash and stock. Anthem confirmed it had reached a deal to buy Cigna on July 24, 2015.

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