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Certified Check Bank Of America

A certified check is a personal check that the bank certifies and signs as a guarantee that you have the funds in your account and that your signature is genuine. Like cashier's checks, money orders are prepaid — you can get them from financial institutions, post offices and even some retail stores like Walmart.

Can I order a certified check online bank of America?

Online Banking customers can order checks and deposit tickets in just a few minutes either on our website or through our Mobile Banking app.

Check Ordering FAQs: How to Order Checks through Bank of America

How long does it take to get a certified check from bank of America?

Generally, funds from a certified check must be made available one business day after it's deposited. If the deposit wasn't made through a bank teller, the funds are generally available after the second business day.

What Is a Certified Check? What to Know About Getting One

How much does it cost to get a certified check from bank of America?

Cashier's checks typically cost about $10-$15. Some banks waive the fee for certain account holders, so ask your bank. For example, Bank of America charges $15 for a cashier's check, but waives the fee for account holders who meet certain balance requirements.

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