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Can You Reclass More Than Once In The Army?

Can I Reclass to infantry?

The Infantry is an extremely physically demanding occupation and only accepts Soldiers into its reclassification course who request the change and are excelling in their military duties like the Army physical test, marksmanship, and driver's qualifications.

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Can you get a bonus for Reclassing?

Under changes to the MOS Conversion Bonus (MOS-CB) program that are now in effect, Regular Army soldiers in the ranks of staff sergeant and below can earn lump-sum cash bonuses of $2,000 or $4,000 if they retrain and reclassify into one of five specialties that have good career prospects for the future.

Army offers reclass bonuses in five priority MOSs

Can you have two MOS in the Army?

Yes, a Service member can have more than one MOS, a Primary, Secondary and Alternate. For qualification, SM must attend the training for each MOS. However the Primary MOS must be the duty position that SM is in. SM has an admin MOS (42A) as primary, and a military police (31B) MOS as secondary.

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How soon can you Reclass Army?

Soldiers must have completed 12 months at their current duty station and be within 12 months of their estimated date of return from overseas (DEROS). Soldiers may not be within 24 months of their expiration of term of service (ETS), or the date on which their current enlistment contract expires.

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