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Can You Reclass And Get A Bonus?

Soldiers who are reclassifying to an MOS-CB specialty that also is in the SMAPP program are eligible for the bonus level to which they are promoted upon completion of retraining. ... Federal law and regulations do not allow soldiers to receive dual bonuses for the same period of service.

Can you get a bonus for extension army?

Reenlistment/Extension Bonus: A Soldier currently serving in the Army National Guard who agree to reenlist or extend for a two, three or six year term of service and meet qualifying criteria may be eligible for a bonus up to $20,000.

Bonuses | The Official Army Benefits Website

How long do I have to wait to Reclass in the army?

You must meed all the requirements for the MOS you want to reclassify into. You must have at least six months in your current MOS. Usually you actually need a year because the Army isn't going to move you until you have at least 1 year time on station.

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What happens when you Reclass in the army?

Once the reclass is approved, you then go through AIT of the new MOS. As a reclass, you stay in different barracks than the initial entry soldiers do. You do not have Drill Sergeants telling you want to do.

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When you reenlist when do you get your bonus?

Initial payment of selective reenlistment bonus to an eligible individual who reenlists with a break in active duty greater than 24 hours will be made no earlier than 30 days after arrival at the first permanent duty station following reenlistment.