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Can You Become Fluent With Busuu?

Can Busuu make you fluent? You likely won't become completely fluent with Busuu, but your language skills will improve with regular use. The company specializes in language learning at the beginner to upper-intermediate level.

How effective is Busuu?

At Busuu we are confident that our methodology helps people learn to speak a new language, but we wanted to prove this through an academic efficacy study led by City University of New York. The study showed: 84% of participants made significant improvements after 8 weeks of study.

How effective is Busuu?

Is Busuu good for learning?

The app is polished and professional. Busuu is among the better free language learning apps, although its Premium subscription adds a lot and is worth the cost. While busuu is an attractive app, it doesn't displace Duolingo as the Editors' Choice for free language learning apps.

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Is Busuu good for speaking?

Anyone who wants to get better at speaking. You can get some speaking practice by using Busuu's speech recognition tool. This is an excellent option if you don't have access to a native speaker or you're too shy to speak with an online teacher.

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Which is better Busuu or Duolingo?

Duolingo is a solid option for those that are just curious about language learning, but their courses aren't suitable for more serious students. ... Busuu does take things a step further, with more grammar explanations, better audio, and all-around more comprehensive courses, though there are still some weaknesses.

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