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Can I Use My Capital One Walmart Card At An ATM?

And you won't have to pay a cash advance fee, as the $400 will show up on your bill as a purchase. The Capital One Walmart Rewards® Mastercard® also lets you withdraw cash from an ATM but charges a cash advance fee of 3% (min $10) as well as a 26.99% (V) APR that begins to accrue immediately.

Can I use my Walmart card for cash?

Yes, you can get cash back from a Walmart Credit Card simply by making purchases with your card. This is the case for both the Walmart Credit Card and the Walmart® Store Card.

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Can I use my Walmart credit card at an ATM?

Here's how to get a Walmart Credit Card cash advance: Normal cash advance: Call the number on the back of your card to request a PIN. Use that PIN at an ATM to withdraw cash. You can only do this with the Walmart Mastercard, not the Store Card.

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How do I use my Capital One credit card at an ATM?

You can use your Capital One credit card for an ATM withdrawal by just inserting the card into the machine, entering the card's PIN, and selecting the “cash advance” menu option. Enter an amount to withdraw the cash. And don't forget to collect your card and cash before you leave.

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Where can I use my Walmart Capital One credit card?

While the Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard can be used at any retailer that accepts Capital One, the Walmart Rewards Card is only accepted at Walmart and Sam's Club stores, including their associated gas stations and the Walmart website.

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