Can I Get A Voided Check Without Going To The Bank?

If you do not want to provide a voided check, you can ask your employer for alternate ways to confirm a bank account. You could also ask your employer to make an exception for you if you have specific reasons for not providing the check.Dec 7, 2021

How to Set Up Direct Deposit Without a Voided Check

Can I make my own voided check?

To void a check, all you need to do is write the word “VOID” across the front of the check. ... Anyone can void a check and you can do it whether the check is blank or whether you've already filled it out. Either way, banks will not accept a voided check.

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Can you get a voided check online?

Can you get a voided check online? If you don't have a checkbook, you may be able to use your bank's online bill pay service to send a small payment to yourself. For example, you could send a payment for a penny and then mark that check as void.

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How do I get a voided check?

Just write “VOID” next to the check number and date, and note who you gave the check to. Writing “VOID” across the front of the check prevents anybody from using the check to make a payment (by filling in a payee and an amount). Nobody will have access to a blank check, which could be used to steal your money.

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What can I use instead of a voided check?

Instead of a voided check, you might be able to provide:. A direct deposit authorization form. ... A voided counter check. ... A deposit slip with your banking information preprinted on it. ... A photocopy of a check or deposit slip for your account.

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