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Can I Get A Certified Check From Any Bank

You can purchase a certified check through a bank or credit union. While you can get a certified check from any old bank, it'll probably be easier to go to a bank you have an account with. ... Once you've written the check, the teller or a bank officer will sign off or “certify” it and stamp it.

Can I get a certified check from anywhere?

There are three places to get a cashier's check: visiting a bank branch, going to a credit union, or online. For all three options, you'll first need to check the issuer's requirements for providing a cashier's check. Some banks and credit unions limit cashier's checks to people who have an account there.

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Can you get a cashier's check from a bank that isn't yours?

One difference, though, is that you can usually get a cashier's check from almost any credit union, whether or not you're a member. The last option is to order a cashier's check online. This varies from place to place, but most banks will only offer this option to their customers.

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Can you get cashier's check from any bank?

You can walk into any bank or credit union and ask for a cashier's check. However, some institutions only issue checks for customers, so you may have to try several different locations (or open an account).

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