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Burger King Veggie Burger

Are Burger King veggie burgers healthy?

Burger King's Veggie Burger can be a healthy part of a balanced diet. ... While it's sure to delight meat eaters and nonmeat eaters alike, it may not fit in with everyone's diet plan. It's a healthier option compared to your other choices at the fast-food chain, but it's still high in fat and sodium.

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Does Burger King still offer the veggie burger?

Bloomberg reports that in October of 2019, fast food chain Burger King decided to ditch their Morningstar Farms-produced veggie burger patty in favor of a more realistic plant-based meat product made by the tech food company Impossible Foods.

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Is veggie burger at Burger King vegan?

The chain even recently removed animal products from the Veggie Bean Burger, so it's now completely plant-based. Vegan Bean Burger (Formerly known as the Veggie Bean Burger). Rebel Whopper (Ask for no mayo.)

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What is Burger King veggie burger made of?

Vegetables (Mushrooms, Water Chestnuts, Onions, Carrots, Green Bell Peppers, Red Bell Peppers, Black Olives), Textured Vegetable Protein (Soy Protein Concentrate, Wheat Gluten, Water for hydration), Egg Whites, Cooked Brown Rice (Water, Brown Rice), Rolled Oats, Corn Oil, Calcium Caseinate, Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, ...

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