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The Italian Chicken Sandwich is a chicken parmigiana sandwich with marinara sauce and mozzarella, the French Chicken Sandwich is a Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich with mayonnaise, ham and Swiss cheese, and the American Chicken Sandwich has mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and American cheese.

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What are the new sandwiches at Burger King?

The new Garlic and Bacon King includes a pair of flame grilled beef patties topped with bacon and garlic pieces (hence the name of the sandwich), American cheese and mayo all in between a sesame seed bun.

Burger King: Two new King sandwiches are on the way

What is on Burger King's secret menu?

What's on the Burger King secret menu? Headlining the BK Secret Menu is the Suicide Burger, which is absolutely loaded with bacon and cheese, not to mention the 4 hamburger patties. They also have the Veggie Whopper and Mustard Whopper. ... Rounding out the secret menu are the BK BLT, Club, & the Ham and cheese.

Burger King Secret Menu | #HackTheMenu

What is the best sandwich from Burger King?

Original Chicken Sandwich The original is definitely the best when it comes to chicken at BK. The longer Panini style sesame bun is probably the big star here, and the chicken itself has always reminded me of chicken cutlet Milanese (although cheaper and less authentic, but close enough when in a bind).

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What sandwiches does Burger King have?

Burger King Meals

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