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Blank Business Check Paper

Can I print checks on blank paper?

If you need to print checks on blank stock, we suggest MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) printers and laser printer. Most US banks are using optical check readers today which can scan the checks printed on blank stock with the regular office/home laser printers.

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What paper is used to make checks?

Printing your own checks typically requires check stock paper (available at office supply stores or online) that is generally used with most printers and check printing software. This paper usually costs more than regular printer paper.

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What paper size is a business check?

The business size checks are nothing but 3-per page checks that are used by business houses to pay and track expenses. These type of checks have simplified record keeping; its perforations allow easy check detachment and leave a permanent transaction record with you. The check dimensions of this kind are 8-1/4" x 3".

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Where can I get a single blank check?

How to get blank checks? Get blank check stock at any local office supply, online or through Online Check Writer.

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