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How much does Assimil cost?

The cost: Typically Assimil courses cost between $50 and $70. This may be justified in terms of the amount of learning content offered, but it is a bit of an obstacle.

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Is Assimil a good method?

Assimil is a really great resource for learners looking to take an active approach to their language learning. You'll definitely get a lot out of these books if you're willing to put the work in to using them to their full potential.

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What is Assimil language?

What is Assimil? Assimil is a dialogue-based range of language courses that aims to make learning intuitive where you read text while following along with the audio.

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What is the Assimil technique?

The Assimil method makes learning foreign languages intuitive, in the same way as children learn their native language. Children hear people talking every day. They assimilate the sounds and their meaning, repeatedly try to reproduce them before beginning to form their own sentences.

The Assimil method