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Army Linguist Mos 09l

The Army Interpreter/Translator 09LC MOS is “responsible for conducting interpretation and preparing translations between English and a foreign language,” according to the U.S. ArmyU.S. ArmyIt is the largest military branch, and in the fiscal year 2020, the projected end strength for the Regular Army (USA) was 480,893 soldiers; the Army National Guard (ARNG) had 336,129 soldiers and the U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) had 188,703 soldiers; the combined-component strength of the U.S. Army was 1,005,725

Do military interpreters carry guns?

Military interpreters are the only ones who hold a weapon while doing their rendition, and the only ones who, if necessary, have to be prepared to shoot one of the persons they are interpreting for.

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How long is 09L AIT?

The 09L training path includes nine weeks of basic combat training (BCT), followed by six weeks of advanced individual training (AIT).

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How much do translators make in the military?

The average salary for a Translator is $50,422 per year in United States, which is 28% lower than the average US Army salary of $70,628 per year for this job.

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What does a linguist in the Army do?

Army Linguist Jobs And as an Army linguist, you will be asked to read, write, understand and speak a foreign language. ... As an interpreter/translator for the Army, you would be responsible for translating both oral and written communications and participating in or leading language and cultural awareness training.

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