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Are The Canary Islands Safe

LA PALMA, Spain, Sept 20 (Reuters) - The Canary Islands are safe to visit and a volcano eruption there is a "wonderful show", Spanish Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto said on Monday, just hours after 5,000 people, including hundreds of tourists, had to be evacuated.

Are Canary Islands nice?

Bottom line. Yes, the Canaries can be tacky and touristy and have black sand beaches and volcanoes. But the islands can also be authentic, beautiful and green, with white-sand beaches, forests and mountains and unique local customs, celebrations and cuisine.

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Are the Canary Islands expensive?

While the seven Canary Islands are fairly affordable destinations, you still have to spend some money to visit. Getting there can be expensive, and of course you'll have to pay for hotels, car rental, dining and activities.

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Are the Canary Islands off the quarantine list?

Travel to the Canary Islands The Canary Islands have been added to the UK government's safe travel list, which means that you can visit any of the islands without having to quarantine when you get back.

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Do they speak English in the Canary Islands?

Languages Spoken in the Canary Islands As in the rest of Spain, in the Canary Islands the official language is Spanish. However, as in the majority of countries, there are many people who speak English, the second most spoken language, and many people also understand German.

Languages in the Canary Islands