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Are Steam Trains Still Used In 2020?

There is only one place left on earth where steam locomotives are still widely in use: the Chinese industrial hinterland. Rail enthusiasts are now regularly traveling there to witness the last gasps of the engine that created the modern world.

Could steam trains make a comeback?

True, there is little or no chance of steam trains replacing electric and diesel trains on our modern rail network. ... Steam trains are travelling once again along 500 miles of preserved and re-laid track, which runs in parallel to the modern network.

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How many steam trains are left in the US?

There are only eight of the 80-year-old steam locomotives left. Big Boy No. 4014 is the only one that hasn't been turned into scrap metal or a museum display piece. That makes each stop the locomotive makes along its 4,000-mile journey across 10 states a must-see for model train hobbyists and historians.

INTERACTIVE MAP: Steam locomotive Big Boy No. 4014, at ...

When was the last steam train used?

The last steam locomotive was used in the US in 1961 by the Grand Trunk Railroad. After 1961, the US had fully moved away from steam, except in special excursion services.

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