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How many checks are in a book of duplicate checks?

Each box of duplicate personal checks includes 100 checks personalized for your checking account. Duplicate checks are bound in books of 25 that fit easily into any checkbook cover. Each pad of duplicate checks includes 2 deposit tickets bound at the back for a total of 8 deposit tickets per box.

Bank Checks Personalized and Printed for Your Checking Account

How many checks are in a standard book of checks?

The number of checks is still the same at 100 checks per box. Duplicate Checks will remain at 4 pads per box. Why does my check packaging have a new look?

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What are manual business checks?

Manual business checks are an affordable way to make your business payments and an easy way to track expenses. Featuring side-tear vouchers that make it simple to record payments, our manual business checks are a perfect solution and store conveniently in your payment binder.

Manual Business Checks - CheckSimple

What is 3 to a page checks?

Safeguard 3-On-A-Page checks can satisfy all your general disbursement and payroll needs, and are available in handy kits containing everything necessary to pay bills, make deposits and keep records. Your Safeguard consultant is standing by to help you choose the kit that's just right for you.

3-On-A-Page Checks | GoSafeguard.com

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